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Ride Classifications

PACE (Classifications are based on an individual riding at a sustained pace on level ground with minimal wind. Actual speed may be slower or faster depending upon terrain/weather conditions. Riding skills required are also listed.)

  • Easy (less than 11 mph avg) Appropriate for novice riders, families and children. Leisurely pace and riders stay together at all time. Most frequent stops.
  • Social (12- 14 mph avg) Social pace, frequent stops/regroups, waits for stragglers.
  • Moderate (15-17 mph avg) Moderate pace for solid riders. Regroups approximately every 45 minutes. Requires basic pace-lining skills. Sweeps for stragglers.
  • Brisk (17-19 mph avg) Brisk pace for strong experienced riders. Few stops/regroups. Requires strong pace-lining skills.
  • Fast (20+ mph avg) Fast pace for competitive riders. Very few stops. No obligation to wait or sweep for stragglers. Very strong pace-lining skills/or racing skills required.


  • Flat – Generally flat
  • Rollers – Slight grades with short rolling hills (1-4% grade) An example is Midway/Mountain House
  • Gradual Climb – Fairly easy, gradual climbs (3-5% grade) An example is Old Altamont
  • Challenging Climb – (6-8% grade). An example is Patterson Pass/ Mt Diablo
  • Difficult Climb – Steep Hills (9-13% grade) An example is Sierra Rd./Mt Hamilton

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