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Central Valley Velo Central Valley Velo


Rides normally start at Starbucks 2610 S. Tracy Blvd. Tracy, CA at the cross street of Valpico Rd. Ride times are 8:00 AM during the warm seasons and 9:00 AM during the cold season. See the Rides Calendar for specifics.

Anita’s Flat Loop


This is a casual paced 20 mile loop. Flat roads and low traffic make it suitable for riders of all levels. Java, Schulte, Corral Hollow, Lammers, Tracy, Sugar, MacArthur, Canal, Banta, Chrisman, Schulte, Java

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Patterson Pass Loop

YellPatterson Pass to Livermore and back.
We head out Schulte Rd to Patterson Pass. Climb PP and descend into Livermore for a stop at Panama Reds for coffee and conversation. Afterwards we will return via Los Positas Rd to Greenville, Old Altamont Pass Rd, Midway Rd and eventually back on Schulte Rd to Tracy.


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Manteca Loop

Tongue outWeekly Manteca Loop to Manteca.
We head east on Valpico Rd to Chrisman, Durham Ferry, Airport way, Avenue D, Union Rd, Woodward and back to Airport way where we stop for coffee and conversation at Starbuck’s.
Once refueled we return via Airport way, Woodward, McKinley and Yosemite to the 120 bike path. Then it’s Manthey Rd to the 205 bike path, Canal, Berry, Grant Line, Brichetto, Chrisman, Valpico and back to Starbuck’s. 


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Midway Mt House Loop

SmileMidway Mt House Loop
We head west on Schulte Rd to Patterson Pass, Midway, Grant Line, Mt House, Kelso and ending up in the town of Mountain House. From there we take Mt House Parkway to, Von Sosten Rd, Byron Rd, through the residential area and end up back on Schulte to Java Makers.


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